Music Lessons


Words of wisdom =

In order to get the most out of lessons, ( especially for beginners ) the key is to have adequate time to practice.

Example = Once per week - 15 - 20 minutes per session. ( outside of the class room )

If this practice time is asking to much of yourself, spouse , child , grandchild , etc.

Then we would highly recommend that you hold off on lessons until the time is right.

Lessons info

To get signed up for music lessons , please contact Shane ( his info is on this page just scroll down ).

Or feel free to get signed up while at the shop. ( see contact us info all the way at bottom of this page ) .

Our music lessons are once a week, for a half hour each session.

We don't believe any two people learn exactly the same. This is why we don't teach out of one specific text book.

We will ask what your goals are, what styles of music you enjoy, and create a custom binder suited specifically to your individual needs, throughout your musical journey.

Still not sure if music lessons are right for you?

No worries the first lesson is FREE, at no cost, and no commitment to you.

Thank you for scrolling, hopefully we hear from you soon for your free music lesson.

Keep having FUN.

Lesson Studio Hours

Tuesday = 4pm-8pm

Wednesday = 4pm - 8pm

Thursday =4pm-8pm

Friday = 4pm-8pm

*If you have questions please call our Store today #715-598-9618

Shane Yetter

Shane Yetter was born in Louisiana, but split his time growing up between in "Middle of Nowhere" Minnesota and "Middle of Nowhere" Iowa. Shane's love for music started at a young age when he couldn't stop listening to Led Zeppelin's discography. It was only a matter of time before his admiration for Jimmy Page guided him to pick up a guitar and start playing at the age of 15, and he's hardly put it down since. Shane worked endlessly to teach himself as many chords, scales, theories - anything to elevate his playing. He found a passion for composing and truly thrived while playing and writing within groups. In his twenties, Shane moved to Burlington, Iowa - a quaint city on the Mississippi River - and played with a diverse group of musicians. Shane didn't limit himself to guitar; he eagerly adapted and learned to play bass, mandolin, banjo, and ukelele. While in Burlinton, he joined the Burlington Songwriters Guild to continue to grow his songwriting abilities, as well as teach others within the guild. In 2018, Shane moved to Chicago, Illinois and was able to dive into a whole new type of music scene, and enjoyed meeting local musicians and playing open mics in packed city bars. As the thrill of city life wore off, Shane relocated to Arcadia, WI, which proved to be just a bit too small for him, before finally residing in Eau Claire. Shane's passion for guitar and teaching has never tapered, and he's excited to see what opportunities Eau Claire holds for him as an instructor, songwriter, and musician. In his spare time, you can find Shane drawing, hiking (exploring Wisconsin's northwoods!), painting, and - of course - playing music.

**If you have questions please Contact us @ (or) stop in anytime during business hours. **