Store Location & Hours

Location: Artisan Forge Studios

1106 Mondovi Rd. Eau Claire WI, 54701 Studio #19 Mail Box #11 Just Because the gallery is closed @ artisan forge studios does not mean the Bennett Guitar Company is closed.

*To Enter Shop drive to back side of building and Enter "Fire and Sparks/ Bennett Guitar Company" Door # 27. Right by the garage doors on east side of building. There is an LED "OPEN" sign in the door.

Store / Service Center

Wednesday = Noon-8pm




Sat = NOV- 6 - 2021 Closed

Lesson Studio Hours

( Shane ) - Wednesday = 1pm - 7:30pm

( Shane ) - Thursday 1pm-7:30pm

( Shane ) - Friday = 1pm-7:30pm

**** Names or instructors who are available to teach on that day are listed next to the corresponding day. *****